About Us

TMCCL was founded in 1999 by Bob Ward, a graduate metallurgist with experience in the steel, copper alloy and aluminium industries.

Until 1999, Bob had spent 22 years working for a major Swedish aluminum rolling mill and had been involved in the development of braze-clad aluminium for heat exchangers since the late 1970s.

Bob realised from experience that there was definite need for a company able to supply small batches of clad and unclad sheet and strip. This need was not only for small usage items already in regular production but also for the enormous number of development projects that were — and still are — taking place in heat exchangers for road and rail vehicles, aerospace, electronics and emerging technologies.

Almost 12 years on, TMCCL is a well–established international company, but still with enormous growth potential.

Our service

  • TMCCL works in close cooperation with some of the world's leading rolling mills and an approved network of specialist subcontractors to provide a unique service in the supply of small to medium batches of aluminium heat exchange materials all around the world.
  • We regularly carry out investigation work into different aspects of the brazing of heat exchangers and present these as research papers at specialist conferences, with free circulation to all interested parties.
  • We like to be involved at an early stage of new projects — it can often avoid re–inventing the wheel!
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